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If you have stayed at Featherwinds Lodging, either at the Guest Inn, the Bed and Breakfast, the Berry Bunk House, the Garden Guest Lodge or the Frontier Cabin, please send us your review or comments.
If you were here for a wedding, reception, romantic weekend, retreat or other special event, we would like to hear from you too.

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If you wish your review or comment about Featherwinds to be posted on our website, you need to include: your name, telephone number, date you stayed at Featherwinds, and the facility you stayed.
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Leavenworth Events has a online submission form to submit reviews and comments regarding your stay. To submit your review to Leavenworth Events go to:

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Unlike many travel review websites, Featherwinds Lodging does not pay for, give discounts or provide compensation in anyway for reviews or comments by our guests. We do not want the appearence of impropriety, therefore no compensation of any kind will be made for any reviews or comments.

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