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Saturday, July 30, 2005

July And Moving Forward

Hello again,

Well, July is almost over and we have been very busy here at Featherwinds. August is going to be even busier than July, but as always we have time for you. We have several weddings this month so weekends are pretty full, but we still have openings during the week.

We have noticed an increase in weekly bookings. Most of the customers have been saying it is so nice to get-away during the week instead of waiting for the weekend. If you are coming over for the tourisum thing, most places are not as busy during the week as during the weekend. And that is normally a big plus.

If you are coming over to enjoy the area for hikes, horseback riding, walks or simply to get away to somewhere nice and quiet, mid-week accommodations seem to be the best time.

Whichever you prefer, weekends or mid-week, we are here for you. Remember, if you book at The Inn or at the B & B, you receive a full breakfast! And I do mean a full breakfast. A wonderful Dutch Apple Baby with ham or maybe a Custard French Toast with sausage.
Either way, a full breakfast is a great way to start your day at Featherwinds.

Hope to see you here soon!

Warm wishes.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Weddings, weddings, weddings

Hello once again!

As you may know, our nursery has closed for the season. However, the weddings have started!! We have been very busy with weddings. Some of the weddings have been from local people, but most have been from people out of town. All the weddings have gone off without a hitch. Thats our job, to make sure there are no hitches.

Catering for the weddings have been enjoyed emensly. From bbq meat balls to prime rib. Everyone is talking about the great food, great service and accommodations!

Our email has been experiancing some difficulties but we believe it should all be running fine now. So if you emailed us and have not received a responce, please email us again.

Sorry for any inconvience this may have caused.

Warm wishes!